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Revacom Reduces Costs with Infopulse Application Packaging and Virtualization Services

Client Background

Revacom logo Revacom (from Reliability, Value and Competence) is a global service provider specializing in application packaging and software migration and one of Europe’s leading suppliers of application packaging services. Headquartered in Potsdam, Germany, Revacom has offices in Germany, UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Vietnam, Ukraine, and Poland.

Business Challenge

In 2005, Revacom initiated setting up a team of packaging engineers at Infopulse. The customer’s aim was to have an application packaging factory which could help reduce the cost per package and, thus, provide better pricing conditions to their end customers combined with the high quality of service. Receiving access to big European customers, Revacom managed to create the wide coverage of services in CEE and the UK.


A quick takeover of the initial knowledge (up to 4 knowledge transfer sessions) followed by setting up a packaging factory of 5 application packaging engineers. The value produced with the joint forces of both Revacom (delivery management) and Infopulse (production) resulted in the possibility to offer competitive pricing conditions to European customers.

Territorially the application packaging factory is located in Zhytomyr, the biggest regional office in Ukraine, which helps Infopulse maintain high quality standards and manage sufficient profitability at the same time.


  • Reduction of costs and schedules of software deployment and configuration, especially on large number of workstations
  • Reduction of maintenance costs due to decreased number of user requests and self-repair features
  • Reduction of upgrade costs

Type of services:

  • Creation of unattended software installations, including handling standard settings and licensing
  • Installation verification and correction of errors in original installations: Excessive privileges, search for updates
  • Prepare installations for deployment: Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS), Microsoft App-V
  • Application conflict management, including automatic software repairing

Business value:

  • Considerably reduced cost per package
  • Long-term relationships of Revacom with end-customers due to high-quality trusted delivery by Infopulse
  • Infopulse assistance in setting up an application packaging factory in Vietnam

Project Facts


  • Microsoft SCCM, Enteo NetInstall, VMware Horizon, WinInstall

Other facts:

  • Duration: since 2005
  • Packaging Factory Size: as a peak, 74 experts in 2011

Customer Quote

For Revacom as a company, the move to Ukraine was a move to a completely new horizon. And to make it clear from the beginning: It definitely was a good one! After carefully evaluating the pro’s and con’s, we decided to start building the first team in cooperation with Infopulse in Ukraine and hired 7 trainees in September 2005. Since that time our team at Infopulse grew up to 50 packaging engineers. We believe that not only the strong technical skills but especially the attitude and the mindset of our employees in Ukraine have contributed to this success.– Andreas Sternberg, Managing Director