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Application Packaging Self-Service (APS)

Package from anywhere you are and easily automate laborious tasks

Application Packaging Self-Service (APS) is an innovative cloud solution that provides smart application packaging, testing, and documentation. It was invented to solute 2 challenges: providing infrastructure as a service, to those who can’t or don’t want to invest in an own application packaging infrastructure and software, and to increasing the efficiency of existing packaging teams.

What APS actually does?

With APS, you do not need to take care of computing facilities, infrastructure, storage, tool set, and extended knowledge of packaging technology/process. Instead, you get everything you need through a web interface accessible from any device wherever you are.

APS ensures

  • Full automation of laborious routine operations
  • Package batch processing with nearly no user interaction
  • Packaging through an easy-to-use web interface
  • Automated installation of source packages
  • Automated testing of application packages

Supported Operating Systems

  • Win XP, Win 7 (x64, x86), Win 2008, Win 8, Win 10

Outgoing Formats

  • MSI, MST, App-V 4.6, App-V 5.0

Packaging Types

  • Automated and Manual Packaging
  • Unlimited Attempts/Sessions

What APS does

Benefits for your business:


Use the APS service anytime from anywhere – in Public or Private Cloud.


Handle uncertain workload faster and smarter.

Time & Cost Saving

Reduce application packaging efforts by up to 30%.

No Infrastructure

Save by no packaging infrastructure required.

Automated testing of application packages

Free up lots of human time from being spent for application package testing! Upload a bulk of source software installations at once and get them all tested just being notified by email in case your decision or other interaction is required for some application.

Centralized Control

Get transparent and centralized control of packaging processes.


Cost Saving with APS

Cost saving with APS


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