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Benefit from using the controllable and transparent application packaging workflows

P-CUBE (Packaging Process Portal) is a web-based workflow solution that enables full control and visibility over the entire packaging workflow, including application discovery, packaging, testing, and deployment, in real time.

Through streamlining of workflows and real-time collaboration online, it is possible to reduce the processing time, while increasing the quality.

P-CUBE, Application Packaging Process Portal

Packaging Process Portal provides:

  • A manageable, adjustable set of predefined workflows for various user requests
  • Controllability and transparency of the supported packaging processes
  • Full support of the Role- and Organization-Based Access model
  • Real-time monitoring tools, adjustable notifications, and analytical dashboards
  • Integration with the core packaging tools of the PACE suite
  • Quality reporting and control over all phases
  • Tracking and management of SLAs to ensure compliance

Benefits for your business:

  • A single web-based entry point for Infopulse packaging and deployment services
  • Improved availability and efficiency of the services
  • Reduced cost per package
  • Increased standardization of processes
  • An entire set of control and monitoring functions
  • Enhanced flexibility of packaging workflows to meet your specific needs
  • Ensured fulfillment of SLAs and transparency in cost calculation
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